Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MALDI and IRIS labs

     Yesterday, we spent the day in the Mass Spectroscopy lab in the BU Medical School. With the help of Dr. McComb and another mass spectrocopy expert, we began our work in learning how to run tests on the MALDI-TOF.We worked with some provided specimens to get a handle on the lab procedures needed to run the upcoming tests. Eventhough it wasn't until very late in our session, we were able to learn what the test procedure will be that we will be using as we proceed to test our own test subjects.
     Today, we started developing the target samples that we will be usiing. The silicon- SiO2 surface was covered with a polymer. We then took this and started making our measurements with the IRIS system. Jess and I ran the equipment under Julian's supervision. This is our first step to being able to run our tests on our own.

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