Saturday, July 9, 2011

Research Team Meetings

On Thursday, we attended a Research Team meeting for Dr. Unlu's research team. They are working on several biophotonics areasw. We were in attendance because much of their work deals with the use of the IRIS analysis system. It was interesting to see how others are using and refining the use of the IRIS equipment to make measurements.

In addition to this work, Dr. Unlu is also having his group developing materials to use for presentations that will be done with and for k-12 students.  There will be a course run this summer for high school students. Then, during the year, grad students will visit schools in the Boston area and used these tested materials to share their researchwork with students.

On Friday, we took part in a presentation by Dr. Tarik Borogovac who is a research assciate in the Electrical and Computer Science Department. His presentation dealt with the work being done in the field of Smart Lighting. Here, they want to use lights as a means of communication. Ultimately, they want to use overhead lights in a room to communicate with the internet. In turn, they see using light as a means for automobiles to communicate with each other. They hope to have cars communicate so that as one car makes a change which might affect the neighboring cars, they will be able to respond in a defensive manner to reduce potential dangers on the road.

Later in the day, Dr. Goldberg's group held a team meeting to share results from experiments which have been gained recently. Data from experiments were shared with Dr. Goldberg, Julian, Jessica, a grad student on the team named Aaron, and me. As a result of the analysis of this data set, the group will be reviewing the results from past experiments to see if the same conditions discovered now were also present before. This may lead to further changes in the experimental techniques being used.

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